Boundless mental games

The air is cold, the ground is wet
I have found comfort in this dark lonely place
Where only my mind could bruised and scratched me
With the nothingness of these boundless mental games
But I’m okay, I swear
I’m just afraid of being insane

Some days I become so aware of the underlying meaning of existence
Perhaps my thoughts are not realistic
Perhaps they are clouded by the cracked and delirious visions my mind enforces
But here I am, caged like an animal
Becoming an epitome of absence and lust
Don’t pour your words of ignorant wisdom
Down my already wounded throat

Trace your fingers around my skin immersed with smoke, perfume and hope
Bring fire, and set me alight
Heaven knows my insides where ashes from the beginning of my life

Now there’s silence
An eternal melody that dwells within a world I walk
Could it be that a sense of utter misunderstanding can lead to a colorless epiphany that seizes to voice itself, 
I’m always screaming in numbness
Why I’m still stumbling in the darkness
Thrown into a cycle of claustrophobia and anxiety
Trying to surface from what seems like a lifetime of crashing waves
Finding myself swimming in reverse

Now all that water in my heart put me to sleep
And left me in a loud condition of wondering and craving to know
What on earth I did, to deserve this storm

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